This morning I was looking forward in attending a different church to see what it is all about, music,sermon, how many people attended.

I looked up this Pentecostal Church that is in my home town, to see if they have web site hoping to hear a sermon, or read statement of Faith (Beliefs) and some info about that church ect…there was nothing. Ok thought to my self still check it out and see what it is like.

Before I countie with this blog, when I frist attending church there was no drums,  just panio, and songs out of the song books not like the songs we here in church’s today. This was going back in 1995 that was 12 yrs ago. Music was enjoyable and I like attending there but things went down hill after few yrs. I stopped going I found another church from where I lived few yrs ago, I loved going there, awesome music, great people, sermons were awesome. The church I went to was called Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, when I just checking it out, I felt welcomed there, that I was part of the church. So I continued attending there for few yrs. But God had closed doors to that church and my home town I had to move away, and were I moved to it would have taken me 6 hrs to get there.

It was on and off finding a church where I moved, I did find one was attended for a while, but I end up moving again 30 mins away,that isn’t to bad but because of winter was coming I had to find a church that was close to were I did. I was attending to that church few yrs but few things has happened and I don’t want to get into it also I had haven’t been in church for awhile, its been on and off.

Now going back to this Pentecostal Church that I went to this am, well it never last. That church felt different then any other church’s I had been. The music, was not quite what I was use in singing and hearing them sing it was like they were not singing from their heart.  I don’t care if know one can sing on tune that isn’t the point it. If you saw what I saw and hear what I herd then this would make sence to you. It just was not the same. To me it felt gloomy not up bet, happy to be there ect…I felt not right being there, but in my own head I said ok just make it through the muisc just make it threw the muisc maybe the sermon will be ok but I just got up and left  after the money offering.

So right now no church to attend but that is ok as I will be away for few Sundays, and then maybe I will be back at it again.

There was a church that is 30 mins out of my home town I lissioned to a sermon or two and I know someone who attends that church, but it is in a home town were I hardly go to and don’t know much about, but will see or 20 mins to a church were I frist lived were I moved to.

I hope this was easy to fallow and I didn’t get you lost too much.




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