The Maker’s Diet 

This title of this blog is a book I was given to read wile I am away. It’s by Jordan S Rubin, this is my first time reading this and I am lot sure how long it is going to take. It has 297 pages, could I get this done in 15 days? I have hr waite at the air port, then 40 min flight to another air port then at this one I have 6 hrs to kill until my other flight leaves, then sitting on the air plain for 5 ish hrs to my finally resting place. If all gos well.
Back cover it says it is biblically based and scientifically proven. The Maket’s Diet uses a truly holistic approach to health.

This book will help:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Attain and maintain your ideal weight
  • Have abundant energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve your physical appearance

Discover how Jordan Rubin’s faith -based journey from near death to vital health led him to uncover the timeless principles of world’s healthiest people. By following the makers diet , your health dreams ca become reality.
With having said that I will get in to my prayer so I can start reading.


Please help me worth threw the book, as I read it. I pray that you help me to grasp what is being said and remember what it says in the book. Let the words poor in to my mind, my heart help me to do this journey of weight los threw you. Help me to live a healthier life style then I am doing right now.

This I pray amen


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