Quitting Coffee (caffee)

images-1 As I sit here sipping on my coffee while I am typing my blog of me quitting coffee. Why I am stopping because I think I am finding that it is bugging my tummy as it isn’t or feeling to well.

It’s going to be hard because I love my coffee, and once I thought coffee loved me but as you can see it isn’t loving me back.

I tried to stop drinking coffee once before I did really good that was yrs a go,back then I was drinking 10 cups,but I end up getting my self down to 4 cups a day two in the am and two in the evening then I stopped for a few months. Then I drank a cup and boy I was bouncing off the wall ect…then I was back drink 4.

Now I think it is time to say good-by, I tried the other day but failed. I was doing good in the Am no coffee and up until 3pm i had to because my head was pounding good. I tryed to lay down for a rest in hoping in waking up my head pounding would be gone. It never did.

I end up going to the store and got my self cup off coffee and as I was drinking the coffee my head pounding was starting to go.


.Here are some reasons why to quite coffee, I did a quick peek but will have another look once I get back. Here is the link from Hungry For Change  see link —> 10-reasons-to-quit-coffee



As I try to quite coffee for the reasons why I should, I ask you Lord to help me brake the addction I have. I know I will have with drawls from not dinking it, I just ask you Lord help me get threw this and to the point were I dont want to drink it anymore or even crave drinking this.

In this I pray and ask for your help, Amen



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