My personal blog

Woke up way to early  3am, laying in bed with this thought flying threw my mind.

This personal journey finding the real me blog isn’t just on finding my self back in Christ, but this blog is also on my weight loss journey having HIM part of my weight loss. I know right now I haven’t been posting anything on my weight loss,it’s just been my struggling with my walk with the Lord and sitting on the fence.I have to find the right balance with it all.

I have to figure out how to mix everything all in one, having God with my in my weight loss journey in stead of me just doing this alone. As I know with this weight loss I have no clue what to be doing, the only thing I know is working out and watching what I eat and cutting back.

I may message a friend about this in few days because I truly don’t know, I want to do this right. I was think that I should see the doc to make sure that things are ok since I lost 60 lbs. When I started to lose weight I was 220 lbs, now I am 158 lbs. It’s been hard work lot of ups and downs,along with wanting to give up. But I kept push threw it all as people kept I cheering me on with positive words. I don’t want to over whelm my with everything,and I don’t want to cross the line were I don’t need to be crossed.

Just will have to see what comes my way on this subject and pray about it.


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