What does it mean


What does it mean when ppl say they are trying to find the “real me” what are there thoughts, how are they feeling? What has happen or is happening in there life that they need to find the so called “Real Me”. Do they want to find that person? Are they ready to find out how real it can be.

The person must have been threw a lot of in their past and present, that they need time to heal even though they have gotten the help that is needed. But now I think when that person is healed as a person, I think it gos on to be more then that.

It may be hard to run from it or to somthing that may or may not be there. Or that it is time to just let it go, but if that person does what are they to hold on to. They know it needs to be done to be forgotten, how can that happen when it has been graved in them for so long, and that is all they know.

And sometimes it comes down to is the Satan can get a hold of those and could use them agents you. What is the diffrence with having him play around with things then with your own mind.
There is so much in trying to find the ” real me” it’s hard to know we’re to start and like sitting on the fence of not knowing what to do anymore.

Right now that is how I feel right now just as clueless then when I started.


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