Journal entry #2 (updated)

This morning was good even thought I was up at 6 am and that it wasn’t that nice out. I had to take the trash out because know one was at home to do it. That was ok cause I had to get up to get few things done in the am.

This morning I was a good girl I read Our Daily Bread, for those who don’t know what that is it is a short devotional it was called ” Watchful and Alert. I wish I can sit here and explain to you what I read but I can’t because I don’t remember what I read and yet alone understood what I read due to my learning disability see top tab called Who am I will tell you more about me and my learning disablity if you have read that yet please go and do that now before you contiune reading my blog. If you have contiune in doing so anyway  that sucks,wish it wasn’t true but it is. Then after that I lissioned to insight for living called Feeding the Hunger:prasenting the truth part 3 and yes there was part 1 & 2 I lisioned to them as well.

There was few others I lissed to but I had to turn it off to rest my head from it all.

My mood was good up until 3pm, my head was pounding,my hands were shaking, I was cold, I end up having a hot bath to warm my self up. Before all that I took to pills to help with the pounding in the head. I end up fallen a sleep in the tub for how long I don’t know. I was left feeling back to my self around 5pm. I stayed home and not do anything,I am hoping I am able to go out for a run tomorrow.

I have few other things to say but I want to end this Daily Journal on a good note rather on a bad note.

Maybe tomorrow I will poor out what I am feeling and were I am at in my life as a christian plus sitting on the fence. I know I would have to change names and places for privacy and there will be a good chunk that I will leave out because it is something that I dont want to share.

For got to say this: Had my Auntie over for lunch as it is her birthday tomrrow, and today was the day that she was able to come over before I in few days. Anyway she started talking about somthing out of the blue she said hopfuly your plain don’t get boomed….I just let it go over my head,what in the world would she say somthing like that. I know she was joking (trying) to be funny but come on what in the world would one say that with all the junk that is happening.

Good night everyone as it was a good day. 🙂


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