Finding the right Church

As you may or may not know is that I have been going to church on and off feeling of not wanting to attend church anymore. Feel like I am not growing in Christ,but with that I guess I need to be counting going to church and among other things as well.

How does one find the right church? What make’s a church the right one for you? Once you do, do you have to have a membership to feel part of a church family?

Right now well for a wile I haven’t been growing as a child’s God.


I pray that you help me to find the right church were I can grow and walk in understanding your word. Were I can find peace,and feel like I am part of a church, where I don’t feel like I have to run away once the service is over with or even before it starts. Were I can make friends and call them my sister’s in Christ. Also a place were I can begin to heal and were I want to coniune on attending and wanting more. I know attending a church father isn’t all what is needed,I want to attend a church were I don’t need to fear of saying wrong things or were I can just be me and to be free.

Do I still countune going to the church I attend now. Help me to understand and here your answer. This I pray amen

To find out more about me see link Who Am I?

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