Short blog

This is short blog post today so here it is.

In few days, I will be getting away for few days and I am looking forward in doing so. As I can unplug from things that have been on my mind. Doing things over and over again, day in and day out, with that it can be little to much.

I will be sitting on a beach with waves crashing the shorelines, brids gliding with the wind, kids laughing while playing in the water and in the sun.

I am looking forward because of new face’s new experince, however were I am going I was there in 2014.

When back at home feeling refreshed,and relax I can put my mind on better things, such as my walk with God (hope) and also to get back in working out in lossing more weight (again with hope).

It’s been a wild year for me, with some good times and yet in some bad times. Gained new sister in christ (friend), greatful for that.

Well that is it from my end, I need to fly as I need to clean up and set few things up before my Auntie comes over for her early brithday brunch.


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