Tonights Prayer


I sit here knowing that whatever I pray I come with struggles in finding the right words to say. I ask Lord that you fill my heart and my mind with the words to say. If there is anything I need to bring forward please Lord bring it forward to my action so I can deal with it the right way. I know father I have been sitting on the fence of not knowing where to get off. I am second guessing if I am truly saved and I want to continue on doing so. Am I doing this to make people happy, or that I did it because so they can get off my back?

Lord tell me that it was you who sent that person to save me on your behalf. Tell me, father, that it was you who put it in my heart to ask you into my heart to save me.  I just feel so lost right now and confused on this whole Christian living.

I am not sure father why did you allow me to have a learning disability, why am I living with my parents? Why am I here and not back in my old hometown? Why am I single? What do I do how do I get my questions answered,and dought to disappear and feeling that you are working through me to others.


There is so much right now father I want to speak of but I just don’t know,because am I saying the words right? How do I know you are listening to what I am saying, and how do I know you answered to what I am saying. There is so much for me to know and yet I find it hard to understand.

Help me to stop feeling the feelings I am feeling, help my mind be at rest.

This I pray with hope Amen


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